Thank you Ariel. This is my pick for 2014. This girl is incredible. Everyone listen if you have ears. 

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Happy Friday - this album is sweet.

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Actually frothing at the mouth at this Daft Punk/Stevie/Chic mash up. Far out Stevie is the best. I die. DP’s greatest legacy has to be the Alive Tour where they mashed everything good they made, their talent for this obvious in their Grammy performance. Wow.

QOTSA with NIN, Dave Grohl and Lindsey Buckingham playing Copy of A followed by My God is the Sun. Seriously, whoever is going to that Aus tour I hate you its going to be incredible. 

Lorde is mature beyond her years on the stage as well. Who knew a 17 year old could be so comfortable on stage, with the musicality to back it up. Wish they’d toned down the auto tune though.

Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons? ..Ok? Didn’t really matter who he was with because Kendrick absolutely killed it. Wish Imagine Dragons had a different name so I could take them more seriously (also, Internet Explorer ad).

Beyonce and Jayz. Beyonce looks awesome. Sounds awesome. Flash Dance inspired performance was hot. Sorry Jay-Z but you look like a dork next to your babin’ wife. Standard great performance from B but nothing super special.

A bullet point review. Cheers

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Noel Gallagher's Epic Year-End Gripe Session Tackles Kanye West, Arcade Fire | Music News | Rolling Stone 

Noel Gallagher on 2013. Brilliant and completely on point! I love this!

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Ten Tigers 

This song is awesome - love “every day” samples. The album comes after the release of Cirrus which has an incredible animated video clip, taking the trend of using stock footage to another level.

Really solid tunes that make me wish I was pool side. Reminds me of this little gem from way back too.


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The first gif video? Maybe not the first, but the first I’ve seen. 

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Jamie Lidell - Back to the 80s

Jamie Lidell’s self titled is his 5th on Warp Records, yet this album is a step in a different direction for the Brit born artist.

With a bombastic voice and killer beat boxing skills, Lidell has always had some serious mouth talent - his one man laptop band has explored a huge range of genres; mostly tinted with a raw, soul sound.

On this album he seems to have turned to slick electronic production, paying homage to Prince and the 80s with his band Super Collider. The first single, You Naked, is a great tune and surely the best track on the album. Its edgy synth bassline, popping percussive accents and unusual, soul-style melody makes for an absolute banger of a pop tune. Other standouts for me were Big Love (talk about the 80s), What A Shame (down and dirty pop with hints of dub and a whole lot of overdrive) and In Your Mind (did Michael Jackson come back to life?) An interesting addition was why_ya_why - almost sounded like a Gorillaz track.

To me, many of the songs on the album are awash with too many layers of sound, and with almost every one hitting the four minute mark I find myself wishing for an aural break every once in a while.

A seasoned player in the music scene, Lidell is embracing the possibility of a well-deserved, successful pop album. Will his old fans like this direction? For now I think this is a fun record and an interesting change for the experimental and eclectic, Jamie Lidell. 

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Happy Friday everyone. This tune is jammin. I’ve posted it before.. I’ll post it again.

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SXSW 2014

I will keep this short because I’m sure the internet is clogged with a bunch of BS about SXSW.

I didn’t get to see a huge number of bands, but did see (and recommend) these bands:


Future Islands - also this

and The Internet 

A whirlwind once again, adieu Austin. 

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Fortune 500

In an effort to absorb as much good music as I can, I thought perhaps I’d listen to Rolling Stones’ top 500 albums of all time in 2014. 

After having looked at it and really thought about it, my patience may not get me through all of these - though its a great start. We shall see!

Then I thought about what my top 10 albums of all time would be, thus far.

And so, in no particular order, here is what I will pick, end of 2013. 

Cocteau Twins, Heaven or Las Vegas

Steve Reich, Music for 18 Musicians

Aaliyah, Aaliyah

The Fugees, Greatest Hits (is that allowed?)

Hudson Mohawke, Butter

Daft Punk, Discovery

Jeff Buckley, Grace

James Blake, James Blake

Radiohead, The Bends (with In Rainbows an close second)

The Strokes, Is This It

Hon. mentions: Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson & The Beatles just in general.

And the best albums of 2013 for me (again, no particular order):

David Bowie, The Next Day

James Blake, Overgrown (could be top 10 albums but hard to choose between the two)

Queens of the Stone Age, …Like Clockwork

Haitus Kayote, Tawk Tomahawk

Disclosure, Settle

Blood Orange, Cupid Deluxe

Kanye West, Yeezus

Lorde, Pure Heroine

Haim, Days Are Gone

Mount Kimbie, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth

Hon Mention: Bonobo, North Borders & Kaytranada - everything he has released this year. 

Would love to hear your fave top 10s of life/2013. Agree? Disagree? Way off?

2013 has been a strange year, but I put it down to my superstition of odd numbers. Going by that, 2014 will be awesome.

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This tune is so damn funky I can’t handle it. Serious awesome overload. What a collab.

Also Here

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Listen: Lauryn Hill Releases "Consumerism" on Eve of Prison Release 

Incredible. Lauryn Hill’s new song audibly emulates the panic that is the subject matter of her track. Great beat too. Love

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David Lynch & Lykke Li “I’m Waiting Here” (Official Audio) (by SacredBonesRecords)

Perfect Lynch song - loving this collaboration.

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Awesome song and vid. Makes me feel VHS nostalgia. Im back people!

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